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Dictatorship naturally arises out of democracy, and the most aggravated form of tyranny and slavery out of the most extreme liberty

Military coup – preparation phase
The commander of a military unit can attempt a military coup in the country where the military unit is located in. The following requirements have to be fulfilled in order to start the military coup:

1. 200,000 or more currency on the military unit’s account (the starting cost)
2. The country has at least one region left
3. The current capital is not under attack
4. The country does not have a dictator in office
5. There hasn't been a successful revolution in the last 10 days

If all conditions are met, 200,000 currency is deducted from the military unit’s account and a “support period” starts. It lasts for 3 hours and allows other military units in that country to support the military coup. The decision of supporting lays on the commanders. The action of supporting is free.
If a military unit doesn't support the military coup, it’ll automatically be set to fight for the current government and democracy.

Note: If a military coup is not successful, 24 hours must pass before another attempt can be made in that country.

Military coup campaign
Coup side on the battlefield is marked with red swords.

After the 3 hour support period, a military coup campaign is started in the capital of the country. There will be two sides:

- Attacking side: Supporters of the military coup (all members of the military units which supported the coup during the 3 hour support period)
- Defending side: Supporters of the current government and democracy (civilians with the citizenship of the country, and members of the military units which didn't support the coup in the 3 hour support period)

To fight in the military coup campaign, players have to be located in the capital of the country and be a part of one of the sides mentioned above. Changes to location, citizenship or military unit of the players can be done during the military coup campaign. In other words, players are free to leave and join military units as they wish, or even change their citizenships, in order to fight on the side they want.
Military coup campaigns work like normal campaigns: 94 points are required for a win. The only major difference is that, as mentioned above, not everyone can fight in the campaign.

Depending on the outcome, either the Dictator takes charge or nothing really changes. If the military coup fails, the President and Congress continue their duties normally. If, however, the military coup is successful, things can change significantly.

Life under dictatorship
Dictators have practically all the power in the country. They can single handedly pass any law. There are only 2 laws the Dictators cannot start: a law for changing the new citizen message and a law for impeaching the President.
New elections are held normally, but no gold is awarded for the elected congressmen or Presidents.

A. Citizenship
A Dictator can grant an extra 50% of the citizenship passes the country’s Congress is entitled to during the current term. The amount is guaranteed even if the congressmen had previously spent some or all of them. The shareable citizenship passes reset after Congress elections.
Dictator can grant citizenship passes even if country doesn't have congress if there are passes left from the previous term. In order to approve citizenships, dictator must be located in his country.

B. Organizations
Normally, Presidents own all the national organizations. The President can request the change of emails in the organizations by sending a ticket to Game Support. As the President is powerless when the Dictator is in office, this means that the Dictator will be in charge of the national organizations. When the Dictator takes charge, he/she can send Game Support a list of the organizations to he/she would like access to, and provide new emails to each of them. Dictator can't, however, request a list of national organisations. He must use other means to get the IDs of the organisations belonging to a specific country.

C. Achievements
True Dictator – 50 GOLD
Awarded to a dictator lasting 30 consecutive days in office

Dictator Trainee – 5 GOLD
Awarded to a dictator lasting 10 consecutive days in office


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