The daily tasks

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The daily tasks

Post by Hitoyoshi on Sun Nov 22, 2015 11:26 pm

The daily tasks


Every day, we have 3 options :
- Find a job and work for another player
- Create companies and work as manager
- Do the both

To know :
- "work" give 2 experience points in any companies where you work.
- "work" take 10 energy in any companies where you work.
- If you work 30 days, you'll receive the Hard Worker Medal (5 Gold) at each time.

To work, click on My places and Companies :

More informations on "work" here.


The training is something to do every day. It's an important action. At the beginning, you'll have only access to the free training.

For the training, go to My places and Training Ground :

You can train once a day, you will gain two experience points, minimum 5 points of strength and lose 10 points of energy. This defines the efficiency of your citizen on a battlefield. More you'll have "strengh", more you hit. You also have the option to purchase buildings to train.

To know the differents Training Ground and their effects, you can go to see here.

After the work and the training, go back to the home page and collect your reward.

Recover your energy

Every 6 minutes, you can gain 10 energy points if you eat the food. To eat, you have 2 solutions :

- Eat the food that you produce

- Buy it on the marketplace.

After that, you can revover your energy by clicking on "Recover Energy" :

PS : each week, you can gain more energy points(+20/+30/+40/...) with the Prestige Points.


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