How to upgrade and choose training ground

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How to upgrade and choose training ground

Post by Hitoyoshi on Wed Nov 11, 2015 5:08 pm

Hard Worker medal & daily tasks
Working (at least) once every day provides you with income (or weapons if you work in a commune). But it also awards you with a Hard Worker medal every 30 days, and allows you to complete your daily tasks.

The hard worker medal is worth 5 gold every 30 days, so that is 1/6=0.166… gold per day.
The daily tasks are worth 1 strength per day for every first 4 days, and 5 strength on every fifth day. So that is 9 strength/5 days, which corresponds to 1.8 strength per day on average. Strength also is worth gold, via Super Soldier medals. The strength from the daily tasks corresponds to 1.8/250*5=0.036 gold/day.

So in total, you get 0.2026… gold per day, independent of the combination of training grounds you use. But note that to get this gold you also need to train. However, the cheapest option for training is free, and will also award you with some gold via Super Soldier medals, so this should not be a problem.

I’ll start with the recommended upgrade path, and will then proceed with a table containing the profitability of the combination mentioned in the upgrade path. Upgrading training grounds is recommended when there is a discount, which is why I have listed the discount prices in this article.

In the following figure, the combination of training grounds you own is represented by the four qualities in the following order (left-to-right): Weights Room (free), Climbing Center (0.19 gold), Shooting Range (0.89 gold), Special Forces Center (1.79 gold).

In this upgrade path I stop when the first 2 training grounds are at Q4, and the last 2 are still at Q1. This is an important intermediate point to reach, as this corresponds to maximum profit from the training grounds. After reaching this state you can proceed to upgrade the last two to Q4, but typically training in them will only become useful when at least the special forces center is at Q4 and a training contract is used. And even in these cases your profit will go down. However, as soon as you get to that point, strength is also important to boost your battle performance. In case you are there already, this Training calculator is a useful tool.

The following table illustrates the strength per day, the training cost, and the profit you can get with all of the combinations listed in the above table. Red training grounds are not used, the orange and green training grounds are used. The green training grounds are recommended to be used, orange is a neutral recommendation. The extra strength may be worth the lower profit, but I’ll leave that completely up to you. You can also decide to go for maximum profit, which basically boils down to taking the leftmost path in the upgrade path above.

Including the gold from the hard worker medals, and super soldier medals due to doing the daily tasks the maximum profit you can get from training and working once per day is 0.6126… gold per day.

Time needed to get the first training grounds to Q4
In practice before upgrading training grounds you’ll wait until a discount comes along. For simplicity, I forget about this fact in the following calculation. But I also forget about True Patriot and Battle Hero medals. In practice, I think that because of this you’ll be able to do it a bit faster than I discuss here. I will take the leftmost upgrade path, as we’ve seen that one’s the most profitable.

Getting the first training ground to Q2
As we’ve seen, you start the game with a daily profit of about 0.3026… In order to get to 11 gold, you’ll need around 37 days. That matches with the day you get your first Super Soldier medal. The only problem is that 1 gold is from the hard worker medal, which still takes 24 days to get… So you’ll need to get 1 gold another way, for example via our forum registration bonus (250 NLG), or by borrowing it from an older player. In general, quite some players will be prepared to borrow you a small amount of gold so that you can upgrade your training grounds during the discount period.

Getting the first training ground to Q3
With the first training ground at Q2, you have a daily profit of 0.4026… A similar calculation shows that in an additional 68 days you should have the needed 27.5 gold. So roughly 3-4 months after starting the game you can get to Q3 for the first training ground.

Getting the first training ground to Q4
With the first training ground at Q3, you have a daily profit of 0.5026… To get to 55 gold, you’ll need around 109 days. So roughly 6-7 months after starting the game you can get to Q4 for the first training ground.

Getting the second training ground also to Q4
In order to keep the maximum profit, I’ll do the calculation here by upgrading the second training ground in one go to Q4. In principle it may be better to upgrade it gradually (when there is a discount) because the extra strength will be worth it.
In any case, going from Q1 to Q4 costs 93.5 gold. So at a profit of 0.6026 per day that takes around 155 days. In other words, about 5 months. So within a year of playing eRepublik you can have this situation where you have the maximum profit from training. To get everything at Q4 should be possible within 2 years.

In practice you’ll be able to be faster thanks to True Patriot medals, missions, and Battle Hero medals. And you can also use the income from working for your employer to speed up your training ground upgrades. At the moment you can get 42 NLG salary in eNL, which is slightly over 40 NLG net income. Expressed in gold that’s around 0.14 gold/day. But (as an example) in eHungary you could get a 77.5 NLG net income, which is almost 0.27 gold/day.


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