[CP]New beginnings.

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[CP]New beginnings.

Post by Blackbeard00 on Mon Dec 07, 2015 12:04 am

Thank you people for this oportunity to show the world that we are back in the game and to show my abilities like a politician and a true leader. I like to bring new fresh blooad in our government team so there a new names in the team. I will try to get maximum from them and maximum from our ministries and our country.

We start with our preparation for this moment few days ago so officialy we are starting now and there is not anymore time to lose.

Before i continue i like to say thank you to our ex Country President Black Whiter. One wonderful person true friend and smart leader! He did great job frist like our Minister of Education than like our Country President. So Black my friend congratulations, we need you soon us posible!

We need changes so people:  

Don`t be afraid of change, because it is leading you to a new beginning.

New beginning, new oportunites!

I like to finish the project of " National Military Unit ". So we need to chose some avatar for our MU. We have 4 options. You need to vote for one of the options we have. ( Maybe i will able to make some more avatars if this are bad. ) After this we are going to finish the regiment work and start recruiting some foreign players.

1. Old but good.

2. Lot of details, but one of my favorites.

3. Simple.

4. No comment.

This are the options please vote in comment ( exp. AVTAR3 )

When i say that i like to make our economy more stabile i have some idea how we can earn some extra money. I don`t know if this will be succesful but i need some opinions and discusion for this idea.

We are going to need 10 volunteers who will work for min salary exp. 1cc or give the money back. I will be one of the volunteers so now we are going to need 9 people for this job. And one trusted citizen who will go in country with 100% bonuses.

We are going to spend 70 gold for 2 house raw companies ( Granite Quarry ).

The math is this whitout the tax.

2 companies = 10 workers
1 worker produce - 500 house raw

10w x 500raw =  5000raw materials

Concurent price on market is 0.19

5000raw x 0.19cc = 950cc

950cc daily x 30 days = 28.500cc  

I don`t know how much we are going to lose with tax. but i`m sure that we are going to make some profit for our country and make some extra money. So if there are volunteers please message me so we can start this project today!

We have new forum for our community, so all our citizens is goog to join!


For the end Swiss citiznes please folow the orders and read government articles so we can be well organized. For more questions you can message me or find me on IRC rizon channel #eSwitzerland.

Also i like to share the good news that our TW will continue with Slovenia so we can fight for FF and TP medals. If there are some changes we are going to write articles and send you info to the mass messages we have.

For this month i promise party so be prepaired soon it will start!
Swiss here, Swiss there, because Swiss evrywhere!

Cheers people
Your Country President

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