[CP] National Military Unit Project - Swiss Guard AVATAR

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[CP] National Military Unit Project - Swiss Guard AVATAR

Post by Blackbeard00 on Tue Dec 08, 2015 8:25 pm

Hello dear citizens of Switzerland and soldiers of Swiss Guard.

Because we have problem deciding the avatar of Swiss Guard and we are losing some time i like to make this decision:

We are going to wear this two examples, till we decide some better solution. Personally i like this avatars and they are one my best avatars i made in this game.



I hope Uncle Rican one of the founders of the Swiss Guard and concurrent commander will be not mad and he will like the avatars.

Swiss Guard soldiers message me with the number of the avatar you like to wear and send me the picture you want to be inserted.

This is one step forward of organized National Military unit we are going to recruit some foreign players soon. Our Prime Minister def0 will have that task to make some article and recruit soldiers.

We welcome you to the Swiss Guard!
The oldest, most prestigious military unit in Switzerland.

Make the switch today:

National military unit decree:

Your Country President and good friend.

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