Military Module and Tutorial For Fight Smart

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Military Module and Tutorial For Fight Smart

Post by Hitoyoshi on Wed Nov 11, 2015 5:41 pm

A. Military Module

The military module is the core module in eRepublik. It allows countries to fight other countries in order to conquer regions, obtain resources located in foreign regions, help allies and even wipe a country in order to prevent it from having congress. Thanks to this module's features countries can coordinate attacks, alliances can set a military strategy and citizens can win different achievements. There are three war methods:

1. Natural Enemy possible target is bordering countries its cost free and have 10% influence bonus.
2. War Declaration possible target is bordering countries its cost variable amount of gold (fee depends on population) and the initiator not have additional influence bonus.
3. Airstrike Operation, all target is possible as long as have a region to attack, its cost variable amount of gold and energy (Fee depends on population & regions)

When a war is being started the initiator holds the intiative to decide which enemy region to attack. The initiator has 24 hours to decide. At this time the initiator cannot be attacked by the opposing country. Once the initiator has chosen a region to attack, the campaign immediately starts. If the initiator hasn't chosen any region during the 24 hours, a campaign will be automatically started in one of the attackable regions. Once the initiator has lost a campaign, the intiative to attack is being passed to the opposing country.

Note: A region that already has an active battle cannot be attacked, however the initiator can add the attack on the region to the invador queue. Once the battle in the region is over, the attack will start, unless the region's ownership has been changed.

The campaign length depends on the amount of battles required to obtain enough points to win the campaign. The winner of a campaign is the first side to reach 94 campaign points. Each division is worth a different amount of points:

National Guard 1-34 - 1 Campaign Point

Soldiers 35-49 - 2 Campaign Points

Special Forces 50-69 - 3 Campaign Points

Tanks 70+ - 5 Campaign Points

Every campaign has 5-17 battles, which last from 1:30 hours to 2:00 hours depending on how dominant one of the sides is. The winner of each divisional battle is the first side to reach 1800 determination points, or the one who has more points after 2 hours of battle. Every minute the leading rival, who dealt the highest influence so far, is being awarded with determination points as follows:

1. 0:00 - 0:30 hours into the battle: 10 Determination points at every minute
2. 0:30 - 1:00 hours into the battle: 20 Determination points at every minute
3. 1:00 - 1:30 hours into the battle: 30 Determination points at every minute
4. 1:30 - 2:00 hours into the battle: 60 Determination points at every minute

In order for a battle to end, every division needs a side to reach 1800 points. If one division finishes before the rest they must wait until all divisional battles are finished before the next battle can begin. If both sides have 1800 points at the end of the battle, the defender is declared as the winner.

1. The battle is automatically closed after 2 hours, even if none of the sides has reached 1800 points.
2. The battle is automatically closed if a peace treaty was signed between the rivals.
3. If one side reaches 94 campaign points but some divisional battles still active, they will close instantly.

Note: If both sides achieve 94 campaign points on the same round, the results of the divisions are processed one by one. The first side to achieve 94 campaign points wins, no matter what the final result is.

Divisional battles have a war status based on the amount of damage that is being dealt:

Cold War - Moderate damage is being dealt.
Full Scale War - High damage is being dealt.
Epic War - Extreme damage is being dealt.

The damage target is based on a classified formula. The 'Cold War' and 'Full Sacale War' statuses have no influence on the battle. Regarding the Epic war, the matter is different. Epic wars award the winning side with double campaign points. It also guarantees the Battle Hero double Gold award. Another advantage of the Epic War status is that during epic wars every hit awards with double prestige points.

B. Medals

At the end of every battle round, the Battle hero medal is awarded to the citizens that inflicted the highest damage on each side in each of the four division battles. They will gold as follows:
Division I (National Guard) get 2 Gold
Division II (Soldiers) 3 Gold
Division III (Special Forces) 4 Gold
Division IV (Tanks) 5 Gold
* If battle is epic, Battle hero medal reward is doubled.

There is only one Campaign hero for each side in the campaign. It is awarded to the citizen who deals the most damage in the campaign regardless of their division

Fight Smart

Fight Smart is a doctrine of war in which the core is an intelligent fight with any damage incurred that can be used optimally .
Fight Smart important because the present condition , any damage produced very valuable in the strategic battles .
Basically , elders and newbe in eSwitzerland need to apply the doctrine of Fight Smart at war daily routine . Given that, I still see newbe that use the bazooka round which overflow and certainly won or elders who can not wait to postpone the next round .

• Join Military Unit! ~ In addition to the review work a daily orders, some MU also provide Conscription system so that you not need to pay for the review Buying Weapons.

• Train just using Weight Room And Climbing Center! ~ Gold gained from super Soldier Medal enough to cover the review covers training costs.

• Have a big Power useful would be to review the Battle hero medal win in Division 1 and 2. ~ Battle hero = Gold

• To Command War, obey Daily Order, COTD, as well as newspaper From MoD that using tag [MoD] From our Ministry of Difence that published by Fed Dep. of Defence ~ Fed Dep. of Defence is a Department of Defense official newspaper eSwitzerland. Dont forget to post your printscreen on our MoD Article so you will gain some tank from that:

• Combating Smart! ~ Only Fight if: Conditions battle WITH bar below 52%; You do NOT have Plenty of Time And Want Immediate log-out.

• As for newbe dont fight too much until you have a strong str.


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Re: Military Module and Tutorial For Fight Smart

Post by Hitoyoshi on Sun Nov 22, 2015 11:24 pm

Military Module


The Divisions
The players are classified in 4 divisions :
1. Levels 1 to 34
2. Levels 35 to 49
3. Levels 50 to 69
4. Level 70 and more

How to win a battle
When a country have 1 800 points, he win the round. Each victory of a division is important, because theirs points are added. Here is the scale of the divisions :

Division 1 - 1 Campaign Points
Division 2 - 2 Campaign Points
Division 3 - 3 Campaign Points
Division 4 - 5 Campaign Points

If a division have 1 800 points in 90 minutes, the next round will begin only when the others divisions finish. So the 4 divisions always begin their round in the same time. The first country who have 83 campaign points (or more) win.

Search a battle

You have 2 solutions to search a battle :

The Campaign Order change for each country where you are located.

See if you can fight in a battle

Foremost, you have to see if the country, where you are located, have a Mutual Protection Pact with the country that you want to fight.

For example, if you are in the eUSA :

So if you see the battle in the category "All campaigns", you'll have to move. It's very easy to do : Go to your profile.

Click on change for the location (#1), choose a country to move (#2), a region (#3) and click to move. After the choice of country/region, you can see the travelling cost (#4).

PS : If you want to fight in a Resistance War, you have to move in the occupant country.

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Re: Military Module and Tutorial For Fight Smart

Post by azaraliiii on Wed Nov 25, 2015 8:46 pm

Division system in your second topic, is too old now i think Very Happy

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Re: Military Module and Tutorial For Fight Smart

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