How to make easy money

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How to make easy money

Post by Hitoyoshi on Wed Nov 11, 2015 5:47 pm

1st tip - Housing market

First off use this tool to find the highest job offer in the game.

Apply for highest job offer, in this case 79.37 CHF (net).
Then using this tool, we find where the cheapest Q1 houses are.

The cheapest offer is 370.45 CHF.
Every hour, this house will give you a work token, you need 24 work tokens to work overtime - therefore, owning a house allows you to work one extra time a day.

So with Q1 house you will work 7 more times per week (79.37 * 7 = 555.59), and earn 555.59 extra money. If you bought Q1 house for 370.45 CHF, your profit will be 555.59 - 370.45 = 185.14 CHF.

2nd tip - Monetary market

First off you need to go to the Monetary Market. Click on Add Offer. Sell whatever amount of currency you wish at an exchange rate of 1CHF = 0.004 Gold.

So if you sell 1000 CHF for 0.004g, you will get 4 golds. You will have to wait a while, because there is so much offers, but profit is good, so waiting will pay off.

After you get 4 golds, click on add offer and sell 4 golds at current exchange rates (292.6 CHF), and you will get 1170.4 CHF.
So you invested 1000 CHF and got 1170.4 CHF => PROFIT = 170.4 CHF.
Of course you can invest more money and get more profit.

More about this tip you can read in this article.

3rd tip - Training contracts:
You can see this part here.


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