How to make a Newspaper and article?

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How to make a Newspaper and article?

Post by Hitoyoshi on Wed Nov 11, 2015 5:54 pm

A. Create your Newspaper
If you don't have a newspaper, you must first create one, go to My Place and click Newspaper.

Note that you must have 2 gold in your account in order to create a newspaper. Then choose a name and upload an image that you think will suit your newspaper

After that you are done and you can start writing your first article!

B. Create your first article
Newspaper articles serve as one of the main forms of communication in eRepublik.
Citizens and organizations can create articles if they own a newspaper. however writers must pay close attention to the Rules, especially what constitutes spam as listed in the Rules Addendum.

Enter a Title
Articles cannot be published without a title. An effective title can bring many readers to your article; an unattractive one can make them ignore it.

Formating an article
Write your content in the space provided. You can change the size of the article content space by grabbing from the bottom bar of the editor with your mouse and dragging it to size you want. You can put Images, and give many formats, to the tipography.

At the top of article editor you see a line of buttons which provide you some styling methods. To add a style tag you need to select the text in which you want the style to be added.

Using manual coding to add styles
If you don't want use the article editor provided by eRepublik or you don't find the style you want (bold ones), you can also add the styling manually by writing the BBCode to the article. You can use codes found from following table:

Note1: BBCode to change font size (that did work previously), doesn't work anymore.

Note2: BBCode are in Bold to differentiate the way to do it well,links are in Blue, Image links in Red, and Mails in Green.

Note3: Some famous BBCode, like Color or Font type, are not implemented on this Media Module.

Note4: Line BBCode it's formed with "-" char. You must put more than five to make a line, and if you want several lines in a row, you should put spaces between the five "-".

After you have written your article, you will need to choose a category of six (First Steps of eRepublik, Battle orders, Warfare analysis, Political debates and analysis, Financial business and Social interactions and entertainment). If you put your article in the incorrect category, Moderators may change your article into the correct category. Once you have chosen a Category, you will be able to publish your article.

Review your article one more time and then click "Publish". Publish Button . The article will be published in your citizenship country. Remember to check your article later to read and respond to your reader's comments!


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