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Political Module

Post by Hitoyoshi on Wed Nov 11, 2015 6:01 pm

The politics module is also part of the daily action in eRepublik. It is where citizens can, in theory, serve their country. It is also one of the key drivers of discussion, flames and consequently, lulz. This module tries to recreate the existence of political ideologies but the "left" and "right" are illusions destroyed by game mechanics. This module is most importantly the willpower, motivation and ideas you can bring to the community.

A. Parties

Parties are groups of players who are organized to pursue their career in politics. You can create your own party for 40 Gold (once you're level 16) or, what is most desirable for your 1st political adventure, you can join an existing party that reflects your ideals.

The activity of parties can be varied and depends on the initiative of members to present new ideas which could be voiced to the government or its opposition. Within the game, the parties, through their Presidents (abbreviated PP - Party President), propose the candidate list for the Congressional elections and can also decide to support players who apply to the Presidency of the country (abbreviated CP - President of Country). Each party has an IRC channel and a private forum for discussion of its members.

B. Elections

Voting day is one of the most important moments for the party or the country. There are three elections that occur monthly: Party President Election, Congress Elections and Presidential Elections. (You must be level 20 or higher and an adult citizen to vote)

1. Party President Election

The Party Elections take place the 15th of each month. Only the members of a party may vote for players who have applied to be Party President. Often supporters of one party apply for Presidency of other parties to gain their control (this is called the Political Take Over or PTO).

2. Congress Election

The parties that are in top 5 on every 25th of the month at 00:00 will be the ones able to have Congress candidates. The party president will choose the candidates on 24th of the month in the following manner:

a. Every party can propose a maximum number of candidates equal to the maximum number of Congress seats in that country.

b. Set up a national list (instead of a regional one) with all the candidates in the exact order the party president wants them in the Congress. This is very important because the chance to join the Congress is higher for the ones in the top of the list.

c. If the party president does not decide the order on the 24th, the candidates will be on the list based on the rule “first come, first served”.

d. The Party president can only decide the priority order, but he cannot choose to have less official candidates than the maximum number of seats his country has.

In order to be a candidate for the congressional elections, you need at least 100 experience points (level 12) and you also must convince your party president to approve your nomination for a congressional seat.

3. Country President Elections

The Presidential Elections occur on the 5th of each month. All voters vote for one of several candidates. To qualify, a player must gather the support of at least one party.
Usually a Country President candidate launches an article with their program and team before the elections. This is not mandatory but it's extremely important if you want to win the elections.The presidency of a country is a position of enormous responsibility. If congress thinks that the President is doing a bad job they can vote vote to impeach him. If the vote is passed and the president is impeached, the candidate that took second place in the elections will become the new Country President.


It is an opportunity to enhance your skills while contributing to your country’s development. Members of Congress, with the help of the President, ensure the political and economic stability of the country.
As member of Congress you can propose the following: the amount of national currency/Gold to be Donated from the country's treasury to an organization, Tax changes, a new Minimum wage, President Impeachment (propose a forcible removal of the country's president) or they can provide a Citizenship.
You also have the power to express your vote on law.

Congress is the body with greater political emphasis in the game. It consists of a number of congressmen based on number of regions owned by that country at the time of the election on the 25th. Congressmen can propose laws and vote, and they decide the future of the country. The Congressmen position is a position of responsibility, but the fact of winning 5 Gold attracts a lot of players.

New citizen fee
Change the amount of money new citizens will receive from the treasury as startup money. Can not be lower than five (5) units of local currency.

Change taxes
Can not be lower than 1% and higher than 99% (for Import Tax or VAT), or 50% (for Income Tax). Raw materials have no VAT.

Country donations
Transfer money or gold from the country's treasury to an organization. During the twenty-four hour voting period the proposed currency due for donation is "frozen" and rendered unusable.

Minimum wage
Change the minimum employee salary given by companies. Can not be lower than 0.10 units of local currency.

Issue money
Take gold from the treasury and replace it as money. Includes paying a transaction tax of which is deducted at a rate of 0.005 gold per 1 unit of money.

President Impeachment
Remove the President and replace him with whichever previous presidential candidate received the second-highest vote score. Requires 66% of Congress votes to be passed.

Natural enemy
Members of congress or president can propose neighboring country as their natural enemy. If agreed, a free war will be started with the natural enemy. The prosing country citizens will get +10% bonus while fighting against their natural enemy.

We hope this encourages everyone to go out and join a political party, or even become an ambassador for the eSwitzerland! Becoming politically active while having an insight of the political module is very crucial if you would like to become very successful. As the Congress elections approach, think of new ways to become active in a party. Who knows--you might be in the next cabinet of your party or even the next Country President!


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