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Economic Module

Post by Hitoyoshi on Wed Nov 11, 2015 6:08 pm

The bonus

Each country have different bonus in weapon/food/house, when you produce something. To benefit for this bonus, the country where you have your citizenship, must have different resources available with your capital. For each different resources, you have +20% of the production.

Weapon Resources
- Aluminum
- Iron
- Saltpeter
- Oil (like Romandie)
- Rubber

Food Resources
- Fruits
- Deer
- Grain
- Fish (like Deutschschweiz)
- Cattle

House Resources
- Sand (like Graubunden)
- Clay
- Wood (like Svizzera italiana)
- Limestone
- Granite

For example, in Switzerland, we have now +20% in food. If you take Graubunden, we'll have +20% in house.

Use the spread

What is it?

It is a term defining a way to make money with the rate difference between the sales rate of gold and the sales rate of cc (credit country, CHF for us). To make a summary of the spread, it is always to put an offer to sell, don't buy one!
We will explain this with many details. We will use the current market rate for sale CHF / G but it is constantly changing.
If you visit the page of the Monetary Market,  you will be on this page :

As you can see, the lowest rate of purchase is 297.195 CHF for 1 Gold. If you click on the double arrow (indicated by the black arrow), you will see that the rate is 1 CHF to 0.004 G, so it's 1G for 250 CHF.

So let's say you're selling 2500 CHF in this page, you will win 10G. You'll able to sell these 10G on the first page at the lowest rate, but of course not too low in order to optimize the performance, there will be harvested 2 971.95 CHF, 471.95 CHF be more than your initial investment. It's nice, isn't it ?
If you don't have 2500 CHF then put on sale 10 Golds on the first page and then sell the CHF on the other page.

The limits
- You must wait 10 days for the money (CHF) to be sold: Indeed, the offers are listed in chronological order and offers disappear after 10 days on the market. This means that your offer will be on the main page only after 10 days and only for a few minutes. It is at this point that we must pray that someone buys your money (CHF).

- On a normal account, you can only receive 10G per day either by donation or purchase / sale. This means that any amount that you put, there is only the equivalent of 10G that will be sold, if you have not purchased / received Gold today.

How to manage your companies

Foremost, you have to create a company.

After it, you can :

- Manage your employees.

Here, you'll able to Hire employees

Here, you'll able to Fire employees

Here, you'll able to Change the employees' wage.

- Upgrade or downgrade your company (only for the Food/Weapon/House)

- Buy the raw materials for your factory on the market.

- Sell your production. For that, go to your inventory.

In the first part, you have to select the product that you want to sell. Afterward, choose the quantity (#2), the price (#3) and where you want to sell your product (#5). You have the possibility to buy licenses by country but it's 20 G by license. Thus choose correctly your licenses. And push the button (#6). You can also see the Tax / unit (#4).


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